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Tutorials for Report Server Administration

New: 17 July 2006

You can use the following tutorials to learn about report server content management in Reporting Services. The tutorials can help you learn necessary skills for managing report server content and making that content available to other users.

  • Setting Permissions in Reporting Services
    Reporting Services uses roles and Windows authentication to control access to report server operations. Before you can access a report server, you must have a role assignment that specifies which tasks you can perform. This tutorial explains how to create both system-wide and item-level roles assignments so that users can view and work with content on a report server.
  • Creating a Data-Driven Subscription
    Data-driven subscriptions are subscription definitions that query for subscription data from an external data source at run time. Creating a data-driven subscription requires expertise in building queries and an understanding of the data sources that provide subscription data. Although data-driven subscriptions are considered an advanced feature, this tutorial provides easy-to-follow instructions so that you can learn the basic concepts.

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