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How to: Publish a Report to a SharePoint Library from Report Designer (SharePoint Integrated Mode)

New: 12 December 2006

To publish a report to a SharePoint site configured for SharePoint integration, you must verify that the report project properties in Report Designer point to the SharePoint site. All references to servers, reports, shared data sources, and resources must be fully qualified URLs. The TargetServerURL property must be a URL to a SharePoint site. The TargetDataSourceFolder and TargetReportFolder properties must be URLs to a SharePoint library or library folder.

You must have Member or Owner permission on the SharePoint site to set the properties on the project.

To publish a report to a SharePoint site

  1. In SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, open an existing or new Report Server project.

  2. From the Project menu, click Properties. The *<project>*Property Pages dialog box opens.

  3. Choose the Configuration you use to publish to a SharePoint site. For example, Active(Debug) or Production.

  4. In the Deployment section, for the optional TargetDataSourceFolder, type a URL to a library or library folder. For example, http://TestServer/TestSite/Documents/DataSources.

    If left blank, this defaults to the TargetReportFolder value.

  5. For TargetReportFolder, type a URL to a library or library folder. For example, http://TestServer/TestSite/Documents.

  6. For TargetServerURL, type a URL to a SharePoint top-level site or subsite. If you do not specify a site, the default top-level site is used. For example, http://servername, http://servername/site or http://servername/site/subsite.

  7. Click OK.

  8. In Solution Explorer, right-click on the report you want to publish, and click Deploy. The report is published to the location specified in TargetReportFolder. Deployment errors appear in the Output window.

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