How to: Activate the Report Server Feature in SharePoint Central Administration

New: 15 September 2007

Report server integration settings are configured in SharePoint Central Administration after you install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint Technologies. To configure report server integration, you use the Reporting Services pages in Central Administration's Application Management tab.

If the Reporting Services section is not visible in Application Management, the Reporting Services Add-in is either not installed or the report server integration settings are not activated.

By default, the Reporting Services Add-in is activated for the root site collection of the local SharePoint Web application. If the root site is not enabled or if you do not have a site collection defined when the Reporting Services Add-in is installed, you must activate the report server integration settings manually.

To activate Reporting Services integration on a Site Collection

  1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.

  2. Click Site Actions.

  3. Click Site Settings.

  4. Click Site Collection Features.

  5. Find Report Server Integration Feature in the list.

  6. Click Activate.

Next Steps

After the feature is activated, you can continue with server integration. For instructions, see How to: Configure the Report Server Integration Feature in SharePoint Central Administration.

If Report Server Integration Feature is not in Site Collection Features, an error occurred during setup. To verify installation, view the list of installed applications in Add and Remove Programs and then check the Setup log file for error information. When Setup runs, it logs information to a log file in the %temp% folder for the user who is installed the Reporting Services Add-in The file name is RS_SP_<number>.log. Each error in the log starts with the string "SSRSCustomActionError".

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