Analysis Management Objects (AMO)

New: 5 December 2005

Analysis Management Objects (AMO) is the complete library of programmatically accessed objects that enables an application to manage a running instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS). This section explains AMO concepts, focusing on major objects, how and when to use them, and the way they are interrelated. For more information about specific objects or classes, see the Microsoft.AnalysisServices.

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Introducing AMO Concepts

Explains the concepts of AMO and its architecture by listing the most important classes of AMO, explaining how different user roles can benefit from using AMO, describing the tasks that AMO is best suited for, and providing a lists topics to review after you have finished with the AMO conceptual topics.

Introducing AMO Classes

Introduces the AMO classes and breaks the AMO class model into the following categories:

Programming Administrative Tasks with AMO

Describes the programming tasks of the most important AMO classes.

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