Cluster Node Configuration

Use the Cluster Node Configuration page of the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard to select the cluster nodes to include in your virtual server.


  • Available Nodes
    Displays the nodes that can be included in the virtual server definition. Click Add to move an available node to the Selected Nodes list.
  • Selected Nodes
    Displays the nodes selected to be included in the virtual server definition.
  • Add
    Move the selected node from the Available Nodes list to the Selected Nodes list, thereby adding the node to the virtual server definition.
  • Remove
    Remove a selected node from the Selected Nodes list. This in turn removes the node from the virtual server.
  • Required Node
    Displays the required node. The required node owns the cluster group where the SQL Server data files are installed.
  • Unavailable Nodes
    Displays a list of unavailable nodes, and the reason each node is unavailable.

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