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Installing SQL Server Express

While installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express), you have to make decisions to select the options that best suit your environment. The topics in this section can help you make those decisions.

In This Section

Topic Description

Hardware and Software Requirements (SQL Server Express)

Lists the hardware and software requirements for installing SQL Server Express.

Before You Install SQL Server Express

Provides pointers to installing the Microsoft .NET Framework, which is a prerequisite for SQL Server Express.

Using Command Prompt Options to Install SQL Server Express

Describes how to modify SQL Server Express Setup by using the command line. Points to the SQL Server 2005 Books Online topic that lists all the command line options to install SQL Server.

Installing Sample Databases for Express Editions

Provides download locations for installing the Adventureworks, Northwind, and pubs sample databases.

Upgrading MSDE to SQL Server Express

Describes the scenarios in which MSDE can be upgraded to SQL Server Express.

Setup User Interface Reference (SQL Server Express)

Provides instructions to install SQL Server Express.

SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

Documents the Surface Area Configuration user interface and provides default settings for each dialog box.

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