How to: View SQL Server 2005 Setup Log Files

Logging for Microsoft SQL Server Setup has changed in this release. The main log you should look at is located in

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Summary.txt

This file will have content like:


Machine : MYSERVER

Product : Microsoft XML Parser

Product Version : 8.60.1639.0

Installation : Successful


Machine : MYSERVER

Product : MSXML 6.0 Parser and SDK

Product Version : 6.00.3562.0

Installation : Successful


Machine : MYSERVER

Product : Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Product Version : 9.00.787

Installation : Successful


Machine : MYSERVER

Product : Microsoft SQL Native Client

Product Version : 9.00.121

Installation : Successful


If the log file shows a failure for a "Product" you can investigate the root cause of the failure by looking at the log for that product (search for "return value 3"). The product logs can be found in:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files

The logs have the following naming convention:


  • XXXXX = the enumerated number of the install, where the last installation performed has the highest number
  • COMPUTERNAME= The computer where Setup is being run
  • PRODUCTNAME= Product name (the name of the .msi file); for example, SQLSetup0001_MachineName_RS.log for Reporting Services, SQLSetup0001_MachineName_NS.log for Notification Services
  • Y= If a Microsoft Windows Installer file (.msi) is installed more than once during a single setup run this number is added and incremented to the log name. This is mainly seen for Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML).

The following table contains sample log file names and log file descriptions for installation of each SQL Server component.

Log file Description


The primary SQL Server Setup log file that contains information about the success or failure of all .msi installations.


Detailed information from the SQL Server 2005 System Configuration Checker that runs system checks during SQL Server Setup.


The Database Engine Setup log file.


The Analysis Services Setup log file.


The Reporting Services Setup log file.


The SQL Server 2005 Notification Services Setup log file.


The Integration Services Setup log file.


The client components, SQL Server Management Studio, and Books Online Setup log file.


The Setup user interface (UI) Setup log file.


The SQL Server Native Client Setup log file.

SQLSetup0001_MachineName_.NET Framework 2.0.log

The .NET Framework 2.0 Setup log file.


MSXML Setup log file.


SQLXML Setup log file.

For failover cluster installations, this file will contain logs from all cluster nodes.


A dump of all properties that are cached during Setup. This information may be requested by Product Support Services to troubleshoot and debug failures.

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