FREEZE Statement (MDX)

Locks the cell values of a specified subcube to their current values. When the cell values are locked, changes to other cells have no effect on the cells that are locked.


FREEZE Subcube_Expression 


  • Subcube_Expression
    A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a subcube.


The FREEZE statement locks the values of cells in a specified subcube, preventing subsequent statements in an MDX script from changing their values in subsequent calculation passes.

In the following example, A and B represent subcubes in an MDX calculation script:

B = 2;
A = B;
B = 3

At this point, both A and B are equal to 3.

We now insert the Freeze function to lock the cells in the A subcube:

B = 2;
A = B;
B = 3

A is now equal to 2, and B is equal to 3.

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