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Report Server Web Service

A Report Server Web service is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web service with a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API. You can use the Web service to add the functionality of Reporting Services to your business applications.

In This Section

Topic Description

Introducing the Report Server Web Service

Provides an overview of the Report Server Web Services.

Report Server Web Service Features

Describes the features and methods of each Report Server Web service..

The Role of SOAP in Reporting Services

Provides an overview of SOAP and how it is used in the Report Server Web services.

Accessing the SOAP API

Describes the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and provides URLs for accessing a Reporting Services WSDL file.

User Requirements for Web Service Development

Describes the software, hardware, and background knowledge requirements for accessing the Report Server Web services.

Building Applications Using the Web Service and the .NET Framework

Contains information about developing applications and Web services that call the Reporting Services SOAP API.

Scripting with the rs Utility and the Web Service

Provides an overview of the Reporting Services scripting environment.

Reporting Services Web Services Class Library

Contains reference material specific to Report Server Web services methods and corresponding complex types.

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