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Managing Subscriptions

This section contains topics about subscription processing, oversight, and control. Subscription management varies for standard subscriptions and data-driven subscriptions. Standard subscriptions are typically user-owned and managed. In contrast, data-driven subscriptions are typically created and maintained by a report server administrator.

Topic Description

Using My Subscriptions

Explains how to use the My Subscriptions page to manage the subscriptions you own.

Subscription and Delivery Availability

Provides information about settings that affect how you use subscriptions and whether you can manage them.

Subscription Processing

Describes how subscriptions are processed, delivery status, and how delivery results vary for each subscription type.

Controlling Report Distribution

Describes configuration settings and delivery options you can use to control the distribution of reports.

Monitoring Subscription Status

Describes how you can determine whether a subscription succeeded or failed, as well as the effects of report changes on existing subscriptions.

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