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Protocols Supported by SQL Server Express

The following table describes the network protocols that are supported by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express).

Network Protocol Description If the value of DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOL=1 If the value of DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOL=0

Shared Memory

Lets you connect to an instance of SQL Server that is running on the same computer. Cannot be used for access from other computers on the network.




Permits network access to SQL Server Express by specifying the computer name and instance name or the IP address and instance name.



Named Pipes

Permits network access to SQL Server Express by supporting numerous network protocols, including NetBEUI, TCP/IP, and IPX/SPX. Automatically selects the network protocol based on the client configuration.

Enabled, local only


Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA)

Used for System Area Networks, which are high-speed networks connecting servers or clusters of servers.

Not Supported

Not Supported


Although VIA is not supported, you can design a database that will work in a VIA environment. However, you must migrate your SQL Server Express database to SQL Server 2005 before you can use VIA.

SQL Server Browser

If the value of DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOL = 1, SQL Browser is turned off. For more information on SQL Browser, see Using SQL Server Browser and How to: Enable Network Access During Installation (SQL Server Express).

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