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Reporting Services Enhancements

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based reporting technology that supports report authoring, distribution, management, and end-user access. Reporting Services was first introduced as a component of SQL Server 2000. In SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services includes a wide range of enhancements that are described in the table below.

Topic Description

Report Functionality Enhancements

Describes enhancements available to report users, including new print functionality, end-user sorting, multivalued parameters, and report navigation and viewing through Microsoft SharePoint Web parts.

Reporting Services Design-Time Enhancements

Introduces new report design features. Two new tools, Report Builder and Model Designer, have been added in this release to support model-based drag-and-drop reporting. Other important report design enhancements include an updated expression editor, and improved integration with other SQL Server components.

Reporting Services Programmability Enhancements

Describes the new SOAP endpoints used to access a report server programmatically and enhancements to the Report Server Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider, and introduces new report viewer controls that are included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Reporting Services Manageability and Deployment Enhancements

Describes changes made to Setup, and introduces the new Reporting Services Configuration tool used to deploy and administer a Reporting Services installation. It also describes report server management support in SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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