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Building Notification Solutions

Notification Services provides a framework for developing notification solutions. To develop Notification Services applications, you define the application properties, and then you configure an instance to host the application.

Your application can use standard components, or you can develop custom components for collecting events, formatting notifications, and distributing notifications.

As part of developing an application, you must also develop a subscription management interface so subscribers can create subscriptions.

In This Section

Topic Description

Introducing Notification Services Programming

Introduces programming tasks and considerations that affect programming tasks.

Defining Notification Services Applications

Contains topics about defining the core Notification Services application.

Configuring Instances of Notification Services

Contains topics about how to configure a Notification Services instance that hosts one or more applications.

Developing Subscription Management Interfaces

Contain topics that describe how to build an interface for managing subscriber and subscription data.

Developing Custom Notification Services Components

Contains topics that describe how to build custom event providers, content formatters, and delivery protocols.

Hosting the Notification Services Engine

Describes how to host the engine for a Notification Services instance in your own application or process.

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