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Dimensions (Analysis Services)

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS), dimensions are a fundamental component of cubes. Dimensions organize data with relation to an area of interest, such as customers, stores, or employees, to users. Dimensions in Analysis Services contain attributes that correspond to columns in dimension tables. These attributes appear as attribute hierarchies and can be organized into user-defined hierarchies, or can be defined as parent-child hierarchies based on columns in the underlying dimension table. Hierarchies are used to organize measures that are contained in a cube. The following topics provide an overview of dimensions, attributes, and hierarchies.

In This Section

Topic Description

Introduction to Dimensions

Provides an overview of dimension concepts.

Attributes and Attribute Hierarchies

Describes attributes and attribute hierarchies.

User-Defined Hierarchies

Describes user-defined hierarchies of attributes.

Write-Enabled Dimensions

Describes write-enabled dimensions.

Dimension Translations

Describes translations of dimension meta data.

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