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Merge Transformation Editor

Use the Merge Transformation Editor to specify columns from two sorted sets of data to be merged.


The Merge Transformation requires sorted inputs. If you do not use the Sort transformation to prepare the dataset, then you must set the appropriate properties on the source or on the asynchronous transformations that precede the Merge Transformation in the data flow. The output for the source or transformation should have its IsSorted property set to True; moreover, appropriate SortKey and ComparisonFlag values should be set on the specific output column. For more information, see How to: Set Sort Attributes on an Output.

To learn more about the Merge transformation, see Merge Transformation.


  • Output Column Name
    Specify the name of the output column.
  • Merge Input 1
    Select the column to merge as Merge Input 1.
  • Merge Input 2
    Select the column to merge as Merge Input 2.

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