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Security Considerations for Databases and Database Applications

The SQL Server 2005 Database Engine helps you protect data from unauthorized disclosure and tampering. The SQL Server Database Engine security functionality includes highly granular authentication, authorization, and validation mechanisms; strong encryption; security context switching and impersonation; and integrated key management. The following table lists important security-related topics.

Topic Description

Security Standards Compliance

Describes SQL Server compliance with the Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2.


Describes individuals, groups, and processes that can request SQL Server resources.


Describes the resources to which the SQL Server Database Engine authorization system regulates access.


Describes the highly precise permissions that can be granted to principals on securables.

Permissions Hierarchy

Describes the hierarchy of securable entities and scoping mechanisms.

GRANT System Object Permissions (Transact-SQL)

Provides the Transact-SQL syntax for granting permissions on system stored procedures, functions, catalog views, and other system objects.

Encryption Hierarchy

Provides an overview of encryption and integrated key management.

User-Schema Separation

Explains the improved consistency in the handling of entity ownership, schema behavior, and name resolution.

Context Switching

Describes mechanisms for changing security context within a single connection.

Module Signing

Describes how access to underlying tables or objects can be restricted by using module signing.

CLR Integration Security

Provides an overview of the security-related aspects of CLR Integration

Security Catalog Views (Transact-SQL)

Lists security-related metadata visible in catalog views that are optimized for performance and utility.

Security Functions (Transact-SQL)

Lists the functions that return information useful in managing security.

Cryptographic Functions (Transact-SQL)

Lists the functions that support encryption, decryption, digital signing, and the validation of digital signatures.

Password Policy

Explains password complexity and expiration policies.

Security Considerations for Backup and Restore

Explains what you can do to help keep your backups safe.

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