Specify Attribute Ordering (Business Intelligence Wizard) (SSAS)

Use the Specify Attribute Ordering page to specify the ordering attributes and ordering criteria for attributes in the selected dimension.


  • Attribute
    Displays the attributes available for the dimension.
  • Ordering Attribute
    Select the attribute with which to order the corresponding Attribute. You can specify the same attribute.

    To create a new ordering attribute, select <New attribute>, and in the Select a Column dialog box, select the column on which the new attribute is to be based.

  • Criteria
    Specify the criteria from the Ordering Attribute to use to order the members in the corresponding Attribute. The following table lists the available criteria.

    Value Description


    Sort Attribute by the member names of the attribute in Ordering Attribute.


    Sort Attribute by the member keys of the attribute in Ordering Attribute.

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