Stored Procedures (Database Engine)

When you create an application with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, the Transact-SQL programming language is the primary programming interface between your applications and the Microsoft SQL Server database. When you use Transact-SQL programs, two methods are available for storing and executing the programs.

  • You can store the programs locally and create applications that send the commands to SQL Server and process the results.
  • You can store the programs as stored procedures in SQL Server and create applications that execute the stored procedures and process the results.

In This Section

This section provides the information necessary to understand, design, and implement stored procedures.

Topic Description

Understanding Stored Procedures

Explains stored procedure concepts and includes descriptions and examples of each stored procedure type available in SQL Server 2005.

Designing Stored Procedures (Database Engine)

Provides specific guidelines, rules, and restrictions you should know when designing a stored procedure.

Implementing Stored Procedures

Describes how to create, modify, or delete a stored procedure.

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