Creating a Custom Report Item

New: 5 December 2005

A custom report item is an extension to the Report Definition Language (RDL) that allows developers to add functionality that’s not natively supported in RDL or extend the functionality of existing controls. A custom report item consists of a run-time component that is called by the report processor at report execution time, and a design-time component that is used in a host design environment (such as Report Builder) to define properties for the custom report item.

This section will cover the requirements for implementing a custom report item.

In This Section

Topic Description

Getting Started with a Custom Report Item Implementation

Describes prerequisites for creating a custom report item.

Creating the Custom Report Item Run-time Component

Describes how to create a custom report item run-time component.

Creating the Custom Report Item Design-Time Component

Describes how to create a custom report item design-time component.

For a sample of a custom report item, see Custom Report Item Sample. For more information about creating custom controls, see "Component Authoring" and "Component Model Namespaces in Visual Studio" on

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