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Lesson 3: Organizing a Model Using a Folder

New: 5 December 2005

The AdventureWorks model created in this tutorial has numerous entities. To organize some of these entities and make them easier for your users to find and use, you will add a folder and then move several entities into the folder in this lesson.

To add a folder to the report model

  1. In the Tree view, right-click Model, point to New, and then click Folder.

    The new folder is added at the bottom of the list of entities.

  2. Right-click the new folder, and select Rename.

  3. Type Product Details.

    You have successfully added a new folder. Next, to organize the contents of your model, you will add model items to the folder.

To add entities to the folder

  1. In the Tree view, verify that Model is selected.

  2. In the List view, select all the entities that begin with the word Product, except for the Product entity itself.

  3. Drag the selected entities to the Product Details folder in the Tree view.

    You have successfully organized the Product entities within the model.

  4. To view the contents of Product Details, click the folder.

Next Steps

In the next lesson, you will rename several model items. See Lesson 4: Renaming Model Items.

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