How to: Create a Full-Text Catalog (SQL Server Management Studio)

This topic shows how to create a full-text catalog by using SQL Server Management Studio.


For a SQL Server 2008 database, a full-text catalog is a virtual object that does not belong to any filegroup; it is a logical concept that refers to a group of full-text indexes.

To create a full-text catalog

  1. In Object Explorer, expand the server, expand Databases, and expand the database in which you want to create the full-text catalog.

  2. Expand Storage, and then right-click Full Text Catalogs.

  3. Select New Full-Text Catalog.

  4. In the New Full-Text Catalog dialog box, specify the information for the catalog that you are re-creating. For more information, see New Full-Text Catalog (General Page).


    Full-text catalog IDs begin at 00005 and are incremented by one for each new catalog created.

  5. Click OK.