Designing and Implementing: Tutorials (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services makes it easy to create sophisticated data mining solutions. The Analysis Services tools help you design, create, and manage cubes and data-mining models from data warehouses, and manage client access to OLAP data and data mining data. The step-by-step tutorials in the following list will help you learn how to get the most out of Analysis Services, so that you can work efficiently, right from the start.

In This Section

  • Basic Data Mining Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through a targeted mailing scenario. It demonstrates how to use the data mining algorithms, mining model viewers, and data mining tools that are included in Analysis Services. You will build three data mining models to answer practical business questions while learning data mining concepts and tools.

  • Intermediate Data Mining Tutorial (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

    This tutorial contains a collection of lessons that introduce more advanced data mining concepts and techniques. The scenarios include forecasting, market basket analysis, and sequence clustering. The lessons are independent and can be done in any order. New concepts covered in these lessons include the use of nested tables, cross-prediction, custom data source views and named queries, and cross-validation. You will also gain proficiency in using the data mining tools that are included in Analysis Services.