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How to: Configure the Management Data Warehouse

You can configure the management data warehouse using SQL Server Management Studio.


If SQL Server Agent is configured to run using one of the System service accounts (Local System, Network Service, or Local Service), and the management data warehouse is created on a different instance from the data collector, you must configure collection sets to use a proxy for uploading data to the management data warehouse. For more information, see Data Collection Set Properties F1 Help.

Configure the management data warehouse

  1. Ensure that SQL Server Agent is running.

  2. In Object Explorer, expand the Management node.

  3. Right-click Data Collection, and then click Configure Management Data Warehouse.

    This starts the Configure Management Data Warehouse Wizard.

  4. Use the Configure Management Data Warehouse Wizard to create a management data warehouse, configure logins, enable data collection, and start the System Data Collection Sets. For more information, see Configure Management Data Warehouse Wizard F1 Help