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How to: Display Headers and Footers with a Group (Reporting Services)

To help control whether a row such as a group header or footer renders with group rows in a table, matrix, or list, you can set a property on the group member.

Use KeepWithGroup to help group headers and footers display on the same page as the group; use KeepTogether to help display the entire tablix data region on the same page, if possible; and use RepeatOnNewPage to repeat the group header or footer on every page that displays at least one complete instance of the row group member designated by the KeepWithGroup value. Use FixedData to help keep initial group headers in view when you scroll through a report. Setting properties for static column members is not supported. For more information, see Controlling Row and Column Headings.


KeepWithGroup, KeepTogether, and RepeatOnNewPage are group member properties that you can set using the Advanced Mode of the Grouping pane.

To keep a row with a set of group rows

  1. On the design surface, click anywhere in the tablix data region to select it. The Grouping pane displays the row and column groups for the data region.

  2. On the right side of the Grouping pane, click the down arrow, and then click Advanced. The Row Groups pane displays the hierarchical static and dynamic members for the row groups hierarchy.

  3. Click the static member that corresponds to the row header or footer that you want to keep with the group rows. The Properties pane displays the Tablix Member properties for the group member.

  4. In the Properties pane, click KeepWithGroup, and then choose one of the following values from the drop-down list:

    • None   Select this option to indicate no preference for keeping this member with the members of the selected row group.

    • Before   Select this option to keep this member with the members of the previous group. For example, set this option to keep a group footer with a group.

    • After   Select this option to keep this member with the members of the following group. For example, set this option to keep a group header with a group.

  5. (Optional) Preview the report. Where possible, the report renderer keeps this member with the specified row group members.

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