SimpleSyncProvider.GetProviderVersion Method

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When overridden in a derived class, returns the version number for the simple provider.

Namespace: Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders
Assembly: Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders (in microsoft.synchronization.simpleproviders.dll)


Public MustOverride Function GetProviderVersion As Short
Dim instance As SimpleSyncProvider
Dim returnValue As Short

returnValue = instance.GetProviderVersion
public abstract short GetProviderVersion ()
virtual short GetProviderVersion () abstract
public abstract short GetProviderVersion ()
public abstract function GetProviderVersion () : short

Return Value

The version number for the simple provider.


Provider version is tied closely to the data and metadata schema for a provider, not necessarily to the actual build or release number of the provider. If a provider changes its data or metadata schema, it should increase its version. Conversely, if a new release of a provider does not change the schema, it is not necessary to increase the version.

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