Data-tier Application Tutorials

A data-tier application (DAC) is a single unit for developing, deploying, and managing the data-tier objects used by an application. These tutorials are intended for users who are new to data-tier applications (DAC), but are familiar with database concepts, Transact-SQL statements, and Visual Studio. They will help new users get started by showing them the basic steps in creating, deploying, monitoring, and upgrading a DAC. To start a tutorial, click one of the following links.

  • Data-tier Application Lifecycle Tutorial.
    Shows you the main steps in the lifecyle of a typical DAC. You first learn how to create a DAC project in Visual Studio and build the project to create a DAC definition and package. You then deploy the DAC to an instance of the Database Engine and learn how to monitor the DAC. Afterwards, you edit the DAC project and build a new version of the DAC package that you use to upgrade the deployed DAC. Finally, you delete the deployed DAC.

  • Extract Data-tier Application Tutorial
    Shows you how to extract a DAC from an existing database, and then import that into a DAC project in Visual Studio to start development of the next version of the DAC.