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Validate Version Page (Master Data Manager)

Use the Validate Version page to validate data against applied business rules.


You can validate locked versions only.


Button Name


Validate version

Validates all members against all applied business rules for the model version.

Commit version

Changes the version's status to Committed, which prevents users from making any further changes.

To be committed, a version must first validate without errors.


Control Name



Select a model to validate. Only models for which you are a model administrator are displayed.


Select a version that has records you want to validate.

Validation Summary Grid

Grid Columns

Column Name



Displays the statuses of all members in the version, based on the most recent validation. Possible values are:

  • New, awaiting validation: All newly created members that are waiting to be validated

  • Awaiting revalidation: Existing members that are waiting to be validated

  • Validation succeeded: Members that passed business rule validation

  • Validation failed: Members that failed business rule validation

  • Awaiting dependent member revalidation: Updated consolidated members waiting to be validated along with child members

Member Count

Displays the number of members for each status.

Validation Issues Grid

Grid Columns

Column Name


Explicit Hierarchy

Displays the name of the explicit hierarchy for consolidated members.

Entity Name

Displays the name of the member's entity.

Member Code

Displays the member code.

Member Type

Displays the type of member. Possible values are:

  • Leaf

  • Consolidated

  • Collection


Displays a description of the validation error.

Notification Status

When validation fails, displays whether or not e-mail has been sent. Possible values are:

  • True: The e-mail was sent

  • False: The e-mail was not yet sent

Date and Time

Displays the date and time that the validation error occurred.


Displays the name of the user who most recently updated the record, causing the validation to occur.