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IRowsetFastLoad (OLE DB)

The IRowsetFastLoad interface exposes support for SQL Server memory-based bulk-copy operations. SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider consumers use the interface to rapidly add data to an existing SQL Server table.

If you set SSPROP_ENABLEFASTLOAD to VARIANT_TRUE for a session, you cannot read data from rowsets subsequently returned from that session. When SSPROP_ENABLEFASTLOAD is set to VARIANT_TRUE, all rowsets created on the session will be of type IRowsetFastLoad. IRowsetFastLoad rowsets do not support rowset fetch functionality; therefore, data from these rowsets cannot be read.

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IRowsetFastLoad::Commit (OLE DB)

Marks the end of a batch of inserted rows and writes the rows to the SQL Server table.

IRowsetFastLoad::InsertRow (OLE DB)

Adds a row to the bulk copy rowset.

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