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Path Properties

The data flow objects in the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services object model have common properties and custom properties at the level of the component, inputs and outputs, and input columns and output columns. Many properties have read-only values that are assigned at run time by the data flow engine.

This topic lists and describes the custom properties of the paths that connect data flow objects.

Path Properties

In the Integration Services object model, a path that connects components in the data flow implements the IDTSPath100 interface.

The following table describes the configurable properties of the paths in a data flow. The data flow engine also assigns values to additional read-only properties that are not listed here.

Property name

Data Type



Integer (enumeration)

A value that indicates whether an annotation should be displayed with the path on the designer surface. The possible values are AsNeeded, SourceName, PathName, and Never. The default value is AsNeeded.



The input associated with the path.



The output associated with the path.