Package Deployment (Integration Services)

SQL Server Integration Services includes tools and wizards that make it simple to deploy packages from the development computer to the production server or to other computers.


To become better acquainted with the concepts explained in this section, see Tutorial: Deploying Packages.

There are four steps in the package deployment process:

  1. The first optional step is optional and involves creating package configurations that update properties of package elements at run time. The configurations are automatically included when you deploy the packages.

  2. The second step is to build the Integration Services project to create a package deployment utility. The deployment utility for the project contains the packages that you want to deploy

  3. The third step is to copy the deployment folder that was created when you built the Integration Services project to the target computer.

  4. The fourth step is to run, on the target computer, the Package Installation Wizard to install the packages to the file system or to an instance of SQL Server.

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