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Managing Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services includes the Integration Services service, a Windows service for managing Integration Services packages. The Integration Services service is available only in SQL Server Management Studio.

Running the Integration Services service provides the following management capabilities:

  • Starting remote and locally stored packages

  • Stopping remote and locally running packages

  • Monitoring remote and locally running packages

  • Importing and exporting packages

  • Managing package storage

  • Customizing storage folders

  • Stopping running packages when the service is stopped

  • Viewing the Windows Event log

  • Connecting to multiple Integration Services servers

The Integration Services service is installed when you install the Integration Services component of SQL Server. By default, the Integration Services service is started and the startup type of the service is set to automatic. The service must be running to monitor the packages that are stored in the SSIS Package Store. The SSIS Package Store can be either the msdb database in an instance of SQL Server or the designated folders in the file system.

The Integration Services service is not required if you only want to design and execute Integration Services packages. However, the service is required to list and monitor packages using SQL Server Management Studio.

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