Adding Package Event Handlers

At run time, containers and tasks raise events. You can create custom event handlers that respond to these events by running a workflow when the event is raised. For example, you can create an event handler that sends an e-mail message when a task fails.

An event handler is similar to a package. Like a package, an event handler can provide scope for variables, and includes a control flow and optional data flows. You can build event handlers for packages, the Foreach Loop container, the For Loop container, the Sequence container, and all tasks.

You create event handlers by using the design surface of the Event Handlers tab in SSIS Designer.

When the Event Handlers tab is active, the Control Flow Items and Maintenance Plan Tasks nodes of the Toolbox in SSIS Designer contain the task and containers for building the control flow in the event handler. The Data Flow Sources, Transformations, and Data Flow Destinations nodes contain the data sources, transformations, and destinations for building the data flows in the event handler. For more information, see Control Flow Elements and Data Flow Elements.

The Event Handlers tab also includes the Connections Managers area where you can create and modify the connection managers that event handlers use to connect to servers and data sources. For more information, see Adding Connection Managers.

Using the Event Handler Designer

The following diagram shows an event handler on the design surface of the Event Handlers tab in SSIS Designer.

Event Handlers tab of SSIS Designer

Creating the control flow and data flows in an event handler is similar to creating the control flow and data flows in a package. For more information, see Designing Package Control Flow and Designing Package Data Flow.

To create an event handler in SSIS Designer

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