Maintenance Tasks

SQL Server Integration Services includes a set of tasks that perform database maintenance functions. These tasks are commonly used in database maintenance plans, but the tasks can also be included in SSIS packages. For more information, see Maintenance Plan Wizard and Maintenance Plans.

The maintenance tasks can be used with SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server databases and database objects.

The following table lists the maintenance tasks.



Back Up Database Task

Performs different types of SQL Server database backups.

Check Database Integrity Task

Checks the allocation and structural integrity of database objects and indexes.

Execute SQL Server Agent Job Task

Runs SQL Server Agent jobs.

Execute T-SQL Statement Task

Runs Transact-SQL statements

History Cleanup Task

Deletes entries in the history tables in the SQL Server msdb database.

Maintenance Cleanup Task

Removes files related to maintenance plans, including reports created by maintenance plans and database backup files.

Notify Operator Task

Sends notification messages to SQL Server Agent operators.

Rebuild Index Task

Rebuilds indexes in SQL Server database tables and views.

Reorganize Index Task

Reorganizes indexes in SQL Server database tables and views.

Shrink Database Task

Reduces the size of SQL Server database data and log files.

Update Statistics Task

Updates information about the distribution of key values for one or more sets of statistics on the specified table or view.

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