How to: Configure Logging by Using a Saved Configuration File

This procedure describes how to configure logging for new containers in a package by loading a previously saved logging configuration file.

By default, all containers in a package use the same logging configuration as their parent container. For example, the tasks in a Foreach Loop use the same logging configuration as the Foreach Loop.

To configure logging for a container

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Integration Services project that contains the package you want.

  2. On the SSIS menu, click Logging.

  3. Expand the package tree view and select the container to configure.

  4. On the Providers and Logs tab, select the logs to use for the container.


    You can create logs only at the package level. For more information, see How to: Enable Logging in a Package.

  5. Click the Details tab and click Load.

  6. Locate the logging configuration file you want to use and click Open.

  7. Optionally, select a different log entry to log by selecting its check box in the Events column. Click Advanced to select the type of information to log for this entry.


    The new container may include additional log entries that are not available for the container originally used to create the logging configuration. These additional log entries must be selected manually if you want them to be logged.

  8. To save the updated version of the logging configuration, click Save.

  9. To save the updated package, click Save Selected Items on the File menu.