Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport Namespace

This assembly provides business logic that can be used in your application to respond to a number of conditions that occur during synchronization: data changes, conflicts, and errors. To create your own business logic handler, you must implement the specific methods of the BusinessLogicModule class that are required by your application. For more information on business logic handlers, see Executing Business Logic During Merge Synchronization.

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport namespace implements a number of public classes and delegates that support the SQL Server 2005 infrastructure and are not intended to be used directly from your code. Because they should not be used, these classes and delegate topic are not included in this reference documentation. Only the BusinessLogicModule class and the enumerated types should be used when writing your own business logic handler.


  Class Description
Public class BusinessLogicCommand
Public class BusinessLogicConnection Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicDataAdapter
Public class BusinessLogicDataReader Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicModule Implements the custom business logic that is invoked during the merge replication synchronization process.
Public class BusinessLogicParameter Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicParameterCollection Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicResolver Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicRowUpdatedEventArgs Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicRowUpdatingEventArgs Infrastructure.
Public class BusinessLogicTransaction Infrastructure.
Public class IBusinessLogicResolver Infrastructure.
Public class TempDB Infrastructure.
Public class TempDBMetaData Infrastructure.
Public class TempDBResultSet Infrastructure.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate BusinessLogicRowUpdatedEventHandler Infrastructure.
Public delegate BusinessLogicRowUpdatingEventHandler Infrastructure.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ActionOnDataChange Enumerates all actions that can be taken when handling data changes that do not result in a conflict.
Public enumeration ActionOnDataDelete Enumerates all actions that can be taken when replicating DELETE statements that do not result in a conflict.
Public enumeration ActionOnDataError Enumerates all actions that can be taken when handling data errors.
Public enumeration ActionOnUpdateConflict Enumerates all actions that can be taken when handling conflicting UPDATE statements.
Public enumeration ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict Enumerates all actions that can be taken when handling an UPDATE statement that conflicts with a DELETE statement.
Public enumeration ChangeStates Enumerates all data change states that custom business logic can handle during synchronization.
Public enumeration ConflictLogType Enumerates the supported conflict logging options available to a conflict handler.
Public enumeration ErrorLogType Enumerates the supported error logging options available.
Public enumeration SourceIdentifier Enumerates all sources of a data change.