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Designing and Implementing (Replication)

This section provides information about the stages involved in implementing replication. For an overview, see Implementing Replication Overview. The five stages of implementing replication are:



Configuring Distribution

Describes identifying and configuring the Distributor and Publisher.

Publishing Data and Database Objects

Describes creating a publication and defining the data and database objects in the publication, setting options, and applying filters, if necessary.

Subscribing to Publications

Describes creating push and pull subscriptions; and how to specify synchronization schedules and set other options.

Initializing a Subscription

Describes how to initialize the Subscriber.

Synchronizing Data

Describes how to specify options for synchronization, which occurs when the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent runs and updates are propagated between the Publisher and Subscribers.

The section also includes information on: implementation considerations; methods of implementing replication; scripting replication; removing replication; heterogeneous replication; replicating data to other versions of Microsoft SQL Server; and replicating data over the Internet:

For more information about common replication scenarios, see Replicating Data in a Server to Server Environment and Replicating Data Between a Server and Clients.

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