How to: Specify Interactive Conflict Resolution for Merge Articles (SQL Server Management Studio)

To use interactive conflict resolution, it must be enabled for the article and the subscription:

After interactive resolution is enabled, resolve conflicts interactively during synchronization, using the Interactive Resolver. The Interactive Resolver is available through the Microsoft Windows Synchronization Manager. For more information, see How to: Synchronize a Subscription Using Windows Synchronization Manager (Windows Synchronization Manager).

To enable interactive conflict resolution for an article

  1. On the Articles page of the New Publication Wizard or the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box, select a table.

  2. Click Article Properties, and then click Set Properties of Highlighted Table Article or Set Properties of All Table Articles.

  3. On the Article Properties - <Article> or Article Properties - <ArticleType> page, click the Resolver tab.

  4. Select Allow Subscriber to resolve conflicts interactively during on-demand synchronization.

  5. Click OK.

  6. If you are in the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box, click OK to save and close the dialog box.

To specify that a subscription should use interactive conflict resolution

  1. In the Subscription Properties - <Subscriber>: <SubscriptionDatabase> dialog box, specify a value of True for the Resolve conflicts interactively option.

  2. Click OK.