My Reports Role

The My Reports role is a predefined role that includes a set of tasks that are useful for users of the My Reports feature. This role definition includes tasks that grant administrative permissions to users over the My Reports folder that they own.

Although you can choose another role to use with the My Reports feature, it is recommended that you choose one that is used exclusively for My Reports security. For more information, see Securing My Reports.

My Reports Tasks

The following table lists tasks that are included in the My Reports role.



Create linked reports

Create linked reports that are based on reports that are stored in the user's My Reports folder.

Manage folders

Create, view, and delete folders, and view and modify folder properties.

Manage data sources

Create and delete shared data source items, view and modify data source properties and content.

Manage individual subscriptions

Create, view, modify, and delete subscriptions for reports and linked reports.

Manage reports

Add and delete reports, modify report parameters, view and modify report properties, view and modify data sources that provide content to the report, view and modify report definitions, and set security policies at the report level.

Manage resources

Create, modify, and delete resources, and view and modify resource properties.

View reports

Run reports that are stored in the user's My Reports folder and view report properties.

View data sources

View shared data source items in the folder hierarchy.

View resources

View resources and resource properties.

View folders

View folder contents.

Customizing the My Reports Role

You can modify this role to suit your needs. However, it is recommended that you keep the "Manage reports" task and the "Manage folders" task to enable basic content management. In addition, this role should support all view-based tasks so that users can see folder contents and run the reports that they manage.

Although the "Set security policies for items" task is not part of the role definition by default, you can add this task to the My Reports role so that users can customize security settings for subfolders and reports.