How to: Add a Hyperlink to a URL (Reporting Services)

Add a hyperlink to a URL when you want your users to be able to click a link in a report and open a browser to the URL you specify. You must ensure that the user has access to the URL that you provide.

You can also specify URLs to reports on any report server that you and your users have permission to view using URL requests to the report server. For example, you can specify a report and hide the document map for the user when they first view the report. For more information, see URL Access.

You can add a hyperlink to a URL to any item that has an Action property, for example, a text box, an image, or a calculated series in a chart. For more information, see the Action page topics in Report Designer F1 Help.


Links that are bound to dataset fields can be vulnerable to tampering for malicious purposes. For more information, see Securing Reports and Resources.

  1. In Design view, right-click the text box, image, or chart to which you want to add a link and then click Properties.

  2. In the Properties dialog box, click Action.

  3. Select Go to URL. An additional section appears in the dialog box for this option.

  4. In Select URL, type or select a URL or an expression that evaluates to a URL.

  5. Click OK.

  6. To test the link, run the report and click the report item that you set this link on. For text boxes, it is helpful to change the color and effect of the text to indicate that the text is a link. For example, change the color to blue and the effect to underline by setting the corresponding Font properties in the Text Box Properties dialog box.

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