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Windows Application Log

Reporting Services writes event messages to the Windows application log. You can use the message information written to the application log to find out about events that are generated by the report server applications running on the local system.

Viewing Report Server Events

You can use the Event Viewer to view the log file and to filter the messages it contains. For more information about event messages, see Errors and Events Reference (Reporting Services). For more information about Windows application log or Event Viewer, see the Windows product documentation.

Reporting Services provides three event sources:

  • Report Server (Report Server Windows service)

  • Report Manager

  • Scheduling and Delivery Processor

Reporting Services does not provide a way to turn off application event logging for a report server or control which events are logged. The schema that describes report server event logging is fixed. You cannot extend the schema to support custom events.

The following table describes the event types that the report server writes to the application event log.

Event type



An event that describes a successful operation (for example, when the report server services starts).


An event that indicates a potential problem (for example, low disk space).


An event that describes a significant problem (for example, the service did not start).

Success Audit

A security event that describes a successful logon.

Failure Audit

An event that is logged when a logon attempt fails.