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Configuring a Report Server Installation (Reporting Services in Native Mode)

This topic summarizes the approaches that you can use to configure Reporting Services. It also includes a list of topics that explain how to configure specific components, features, or server capabilities. To configure Reporting Services, you can:

  • Use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. Many of the topics in this section contain information about how to configure specific features through this tool.

  • Use Management Studio to customize server properties, enable My Reports, enable trace logs, and set site-wide defaults. For more information about site settings, see Administration (Reporting Services) for Management Studio. Note that you can create and run script that sets server properties programmatically. For more information, see Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks and Report Server System Properties.

  • Use Report Manager to grant permissions to access the report server. Permissions are conveyed through role assignments that you define for each user or group account. For more information, see Identity and Access Control (Reporting Services).

  • Optionally, modify configuration files to change application settings. For more information about each file and guidelines for modifying them, see Configuration Files (Reporting Services).

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