How to: Add Solutions to Source Control

When you add a solution to source control, you usually want to add the entire solution and all the projects it contains. You can use SQL Server Management Studio to add a solution to source control.

A SQL Server Management Studio project resides completely on your local disk. You edit, save, and build projects locally. After adding the project to source control, you can use the Check Out command to check the project's files out of source control.

To add a solution to source control

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the solution you want to add.

  2. On the File menu, point to Source Control, and then click Add Solution to Source Control.

  3. If prompted, log on to your source control provider.

  4. The Add to SourceSafe Project dialog box appears. The name of your project appears in the Project box.

  5. In the Folders list, open the folder where you want to place your project. Alternatively, you can click Create to create a folder with the name displayed in the Project box.