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Deploying an Analysis Services Database into the Production Environment

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides three tools for deploying an Analysis Services database onto an Analysis Services server in the production environment:

  • Using an ASSL Script   Use SQL Server Management Studio to generate an XML script of the metadata of an existing Analysis Services database, and then run that script on another server to recreate the initial database.

  • Using the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard   Use the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard to use the XMLA output files generated by an Analysis Services project to deploy the project's metadata to a destination server.

  • Synchronizing Analysis Services Databases   Use the Synchronize Database Wizard to synchronize the metadata and data between any two Analysis Services databases.

In addition to using one of the deployment tools, you can deploy Analysis Services by using the backup and restore functionality. For more information, see Managing Backing Up and Restoring (Analysis Services).