Full-Text Search Dynamic Management Views and Functions (Transact-SQL)

This section contains the following dynamic management views and functions that are related to full-text search.

In This Section

  • sys.dm_fts_active_catalogs (Transact-SQL)
    Returns information on the full-text catalogs that have some population activity in progress on the server.

  • sys.dm_fts_fdhosts
    Returns information on the current activity of the filter daemon host or hosts on the server instance.

  • sys.dm_fts_index_keywords_by_document
    Returns information about the document-level content of a full-text index for the specified table. A given keyword can appear in several documents.

  • sys.dm_fts_index_keywords
    Returns information about the content of a full-text index for the specified table.

  • sys.dm_fts_index_population
    Returns information about the full-text index populations currently in progress.

  • sys.dm_fts_memory_buffers
    Returns information about memory buffers belonging to a specific memory pool that are used as part of a full-text crawl or a full-text crawl range.

  • sys.dm_fts_memory_pools
    Returns information about the shared memory pools available to the Full-Text Gatherer component for a full-text crawl or a full-text crawl range.

  • sys.dm_fts_outstanding_batches
    Returns information about each full-text indexing batch.

  • sys.dm_fts_parser
    Returns the final tokenization result after applying a given word breaker, thesaurus, and stoplist combination to a query string input. The output is equivalent to the output if the specified given query string were issued to the Full-Text Engine.

  • sys.dm_fts_population_ranges
    Returns information about the specific ranges related to a full-text index population currently in progress.