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Using Log Shipping as Part of a Recovery Plan

In SQL Server 2005 and later versions, log shipping is not a part of the database Maintenance Plan Wizard. If you create a maintenance plan for a database that is configured as a log shipping database, do not have the maintenance plan create transaction log backups. If a maintenance plan and log shipping both attempt to create transaction log backups of the same database, log shipping will not function correctly. You can do full and differential database backups through your maintenance plan without any conflict with log shipping.

If you are using log shipping and you want to keep transaction log backups along with your full database backups as part of your recovery strategy, you can use your log shipping backup folder to archive the log backups while you prepare to copy them to other media for long term storage. Be sure to set your backup retention period to a sufficiently long time to allow you to copy the log files as needed.


You can set the backup retention period by configuring the Delete files older than: setting on the Transaction Log Backup Settings dialog box.