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sp_procoption (Transact-SQL)

Sets stored procedure for autoexecution. A stored procedure that is set to autoexecution runs every time an instance of SQL Server is started.

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sp_procoption [ @ProcName = ] 'procedure' 
    , [ @OptionName = ] 'option' 
    , [ @OptionValue = ] 'value' 


  • [ @ProcName = ] 'procedure'
    Is the name of the procedure for which to set an option. procedure is nvarchar(776), with no default.

  • [ @OptionName = ] 'option'
    Is the name of the option to set. The only value for option is startup.

  • [ @OptionValue = ] 'value'
    Is whether to set the option on (true or on) or off (false or off). value is varchar(12), with no default.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or error number (failure)


Startup procedures must be in the master database and cannot contain INPUT or OUTPUT parameters. . Execution of the stored procedures starts when all databases are recovered and the "Recovery is completed" message is logged at startup.


Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role.