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Configure System Parameters (Database Mail)

Use this page to specify Database Mail system parameters. View the system parameters and the current value of each parameter. Select a parameter to view a short description in the information pane.


  • Account Retry Attempts
    The number of times that the external mail process attempts to send the e-mail message using each account in the specified profile.

  • Account Retry Delay (seconds)
    The amount of time, in seconds, for the external mail process to wait after it tries to deliver a message using all accounts in the profile before it attempts all accounts again.

  • Maximum File Size (Bytes)
    The maximum size of an attachment, in bytes.

  • Prohibited Attachment File Extensions
    A comma-separated list of extensions which cannot be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message. Click the browse button (...) to add additional extensions.

  • Database Mail Executable Minimum Lifetime (seconds)
    The minimum amount of time, in seconds, that the external mail process remains active. The process remains active as long as there are e-mails in the Database Mail queue. This parameter specifies the time the process remains active if there are no messages to process.

  • Logging level
    Specify which messages are recorded in the Database Mail log. Possible values are:

    • Normal - logs only errors

    • Extended - logs errors, warnings, and informational messages

    • Verbose - logs errors, warnings, informational messages, success messages, and additional internal messages. Use verbose logging for troubleshooting.

    Default value is Extended.

  • Reset All
    Select this option to reset the values on the page to the default values.

Additional Information about the Retry Options

The sequence number in the Database Mail profile determines the order in which Database Mail uses accounts in the profile. This is configured by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons when configuring a profile in the Database Mail Configuration Wizard. For a new e-mail message, Database Mail starts with the account that has the lowest sequence number. Should that account fail, Database Mail uses the account with the next highest sequence number, and so on until either Database Mail sends the message successfully, or the account with the highest sequence number fails. If the account with the highest sequence number fails, the Database Mail pauses attempts to send the mail for the amount of time configured in the Account Retry Delay parameter of sysmail_configure_sp, then starts the process of attempting to send the mail again, starting with the lowest sequence number. Use the Account Retry Attempts parameter of sysmail_configure_sp, to configure the number of times that the external mail process attempts to send the e-mail message using each account in the specified profile.

If more than one account exists with the same sequence number, Database Mail will only use one of those accounts for a given e-mail message. In this case, Database Mail makes no guarantees as to which of the accounts is used for that sequence number or that the same account is used from message to message.