Select Configuration Task (Database Mail)

Use the Database Mail Configuration Wizard to install or uninstall Database Mail, or to create and configure Database Mail accounts and profiles, and the related system parameters. Use the Select Configuration Task dialog box, to indicate which task you will complete each time you use the wizard. If you change your mind before you complete the wizard, use the Back button to return to this page and select a different task.


If Database Mail has not been enabled, you will receive the message: The Database Mail feature is not available. Would you like to enable this feature? Responding Yes, is equivalent to enabling Database Mail by using the Database Mail XPs option of the sp_configure system stored procedure.


  • Set up Database Mail by performing the following tasks
    Perform all of the tasks required to set up Database Mail for the first time. This option includes all of the other three options.

  • Manage Database Mail accounts and profiles
    Create new Database Mail accounts and profiles or to view, change, or delete existing Database Mail accounts and profiles.

  • Manage profile security
    Configure which users have access to Database Mail profiles.

  • View or change system parameters
    Configure Database Mail system parameters such as the maximum file size for attachments.

To start the Database Mail Configuration Wizard

  • In Object Explorer, expand Management, right-click Database Mail, and then click Configure Database Mail. The Select Configuration Task dialog box is the first or second dialog box to appear.