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Automated Administration How-to Topics (SQL Server Management Studio)

This topic defines automated administration and its components, multi-server administration, and introduces SQL Server tools for defining automated tasks.

What Is Automated Administration?

Automated administration is the programmed response to predictable administrative responsibilities or server events. Administrators, application writers, and analysts operating data warehouses can benefit from task automation. To automate administration:

  • Establish which administrative responsibilities or server events occur regularly and can be administered programmatically.

  • Define a set of jobs and alerts.

  • Run the SQL Server Agent service.

Why Should I Automate Administration?

The job of an administrator entails various administrative duties that do not change from day to day and can be tedious chores. By automating recurring administrative tasks and responses to server events, you free time to perform other tasks that require creativity and lack predictable or programmable responses.

In This Section

To perform tasks that are related to SQL Server Agent Jobs