Optimizing Indexes

A key factor in achieving minimum disk I/O for all database queries is making sure that good indexes are created and then maintained. The topics in this section provide information to help you create indexes efficiently and maintain index performance thereafter.

In This Section



Reorganizing and Rebuilding Indexes

Describes methods to defragment indexes and optimize index disk space.

Fill Factor

Describes how to use the FILLFACTOR option to fine-tune index data storage and performance.

Performing Index Operations Online

Describes how to use the ONLINE index option to provide user access to data during index operations.

Configuring Parallel Index Operations

Describes the max degree of parallelism option and its use in index operations.

Bulk Copy and Indexes

Provides guidance on improving the performance of bulk copy operations when the target table contains clustered and nonclustered indexes.

Choosing a Recovery Model for Index Operations

Lists index operations and the type of logging available for these operations based on the recovery model of the database.